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We Sell:

  • All kinds of frozen Meat
  • Whole Chicken, Chicken Wings,Chicken Quarter Legs
  • Wholesale Furniture
  • Dry Milk Powder
  • Stock/Premium/Cream Clothing
  • Shelf Plus/Returns
  • Salvage Clothing
  • Second Hand Clothing
  • Stock/Used Shoes
  • New and Used Tires
  • Mobile Oil
  • New/ Used Toys

We offer many Logistics Services our Customers can choose from to meet their requirements.

Ocean and Air Freight and Ground Transportation
Through our knowledge and management expertise we continue to go beyond standards and provide our customers with a variety of Ocean, Air, and Ground transportation service through our relations with major carriers. We offer flexible schedules and we provide all the paperwork.
At the best prices.

Customer Clearance
We provide a great clearance service, ensuring your orders are handled professionally and with the utmost care, at a quick and efficient delivery.

Tracking and Tracing
In addition to our strong dedication to ensure your order arrives to the destination in the best care, we provide tracking and tracing to all our customers, informing at all times the status of your order.

Our containerization operations ensure that goods are handled professionally. Depending on the volume of your goods, we offer twenty to forty feet containers, from which you are comfortable to choose from.